Vintage Couches And Fresh Coffee In Downtown Bend: Holing Up At Crow’s Feet Commons

Vintage Couches And Fresh Coffee In Downtown Bend: Holing Up At Crow’s Feet Commons

Want to disappear into one of those sink-y couches your grandmother used to cover in plastic (before they lost their spring)? How about about a steaming mug of Stumptown to go with your nostalgically upholstered furniture? If you want coffee in downtown Bend, there are a number of solid spots. But for a downtown Bend coffee spot with equal parts good espresso, sweet indoor/outdoor seating options, and vintage couchery, Crow’s Feet Commons is it.

downtown bend coffee
Come summer, this downtown Bend coffee spot will “popping off.”

Crow’s Feet Commons – Coffee, Beer, Cider, Wine, Stuff, Things

With two separate spaces (like ten feet from one another), one for bike/ski retail and the other for coffee/beer/cider/chilling, Crow’s Feet Commons covers the Bend bases of getting rad and drinking things. The owner, David Marchi, is a sweetheart. He also happens to look like the latter half of Mario & Luigi and/or Daniel Day-Lewis’s character, Daniel Plainview, from There Will Be Blood. I assure you, Marchi is not an oil tycoon.

Crow's Feet Commons local beer.
Pfriem beer out of Hood River + nana’s couch.

While there is one blip that gets me about this rad downtown Bend coffee spot, it’s a tiny minnow in a big sea of sweetness: their Interwebs is fickle. To be honest, this blip mostly gets me because I’ve become so dependent on the Internet for… everything. Working, communicating, writing, Googling shit. And when it’s not there I kind of don’t know what to do. I look around like is this it, is this how it all ends? I’m being hyperbolic of course, but for real: keep that shit connected.

Crow's Feet Commons cafe and coffee Bend
This is Louisa. She seems pretty neat and manages the café at Crow’s Feet Commons. Hi, Louisa.

Downtown Bend Coffee And TREATS At Crow’s Feet Commons

Here’s what I DO appreciate about Crow’s Feet Commons (see, the list is way long):

  • Already said this, but, the grandma couches. Comfortable, inviting, and reminiscent of running rampant + barefoot around nana’s house. Just enough vintage to not be schticky.
  • Who knows for how long, but there’s a really nice gal named Ari who works the espresso bar at Crow’s Feet Commons. She makes cappuccinos and shit. I like her.
Crow's Feet Commons barista
That’s Ari! She will be heading to acupuncture school soon, but… this blog post would def be lacking if it didn’t have a blurry photo of her sweet smile in it.
  • The natural light that streams in through the historic windows on the historic building that houses Crow’s Feet Commons is totes #lightbro.
  • Crow’s Feet is open all the time. Like I think they might not ever close. Maybe they all sleep there?
  • Coffee brought to you by Stumptown.
Stumptown coffee downtown Bend
A bunch of Stumptown coffee slingers here at Crow’s Feet Commons.
  • They have these ridiculously good gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and gluten-free breakfast sandwiches, both from Fearless Bakery
  • There are a few bearded men who are quite nice (not as nice as Ari) who sling espresso and pour libations at Crow’s Feet Commons.

Sitting Outside + Getting Your Contra On At Crow’s Feet Commons

  • You can sit outside and see pieces of the Cascades peeking through the tree tops, and Mirror “Pond” is right there. Overall, it’s a pretty pleasant and relaxing experience. Unless someone brings their 8 kids and refuses to reign them in. Then it’s not. But that can happen anywhere, and like I like to say: removing yourself from the situation is better than creating a scene. Unless someone needs to be informed that their kids are little assholes.
  • Crow’s Feet Commons is IN downtown Bend. So much so that you don’t have to wander far to reach a restaurant or bar or Cowgirl Cash, if that’s what you want to do. In fact, you can see the back porch of Barrio from the front patio of Crow’s Feet Commons.
  • They serve Metolius Teas and oh fuck they’re good. Especially the ginger turmeric one.
Metolius Tea Bend Oregon
Told you they had Metolius Tea.
  • Live music and open mic nights. Word. I’ve even danced contra barefoot with Marchi on the pavers out front of Crow’s Feet, the last hours of daylight speckling our lively scene. Yeah, that’s a good memory.
  • At Crow’s Feet, “success is measured in laugh lines.”

Um. Yeah. So that’s all for now. Maybe head to downtown Bend, have some coffee, and make your crow’s feet even deeper than they already are? K, byeeee.    

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