The Vegans Are Alright: Thanks to A Broken Angel Food Cart in Bend, Oregon

The Vegans Are Alright: Thanks to A Broken Angel Food Cart in Bend, Oregon

A’ight. So here’s the deal. To all you eaters of seared flesh and animal byproducts: you’ll only be doing yourself a disfavor if you gloss over this post about a vegan food cart in Bend, Oregon. Or if you you don’t go eat at this vegan food cart at some point during its existence. Just because you eat meat doesn’t mean that you can’t not eat meat. At least once. Because dead animals or not, A Broken Angel food cart, the vegan food cart holed up out back at Palate Coffee Bar, is fucking good.

A Broken Angel food cart
Flying the Cascadian colors at A Broken Angel food cart in Bend.

Vegan Food in Bend, Oregon Is All About The S-Word 

A little over a week ago we wrote about one of the best food carts in Bend, Oregon: Scoutpost. And since food carts deserving of blog posts continue to pop up all over town, we’re going to keep writing about the ones we’re really into. Today, that food cart is A Broken Angel.   

chef RIch Hull at Broken Angel food cart
This is Rich. He’s from Oklahoma and chefs some of the best vegan food in Bend, Oregon

The philosophy at Broken Angel food cart is “sustainable + local + organic + vegan.” Yeah, all hip buzzwords. But not just buzzwords when it comes to the menu at this kickass cart. Here you’ll find things to eat that aren’t animals or animal byproducts (duh), and that are as organic and locally sourced as possible. That means grilled artichoke tostadas, biscuits and wild mushroom gravy, crimini tofu scrambles, lots of grilled things, and more, all concocted using fresh, close-to-home, organic, animal-free ingredients. I repeat, so it comes across loud and clear: A Broken Angel food cart = organic, local, vegan. These three things also = sustainability, on a micro and a macro level. Know what else = sustainability? The compostable materials Rich uses for serving up, wrapping up, and sending out food. And the Broken Angel food cart itself, the physical structure of it, is also built entirely out of repurposed materials. This also = sustainability. 

Chapeau, food cart. Chapeau. 

Tasting Notes At Broken Angel Food Cart In Bend

vegan food cart in Bend, Oregon
Vegan dining area. No dead animals allowed.

New Southern American with a French inspired Pacific NW mountain flair. That’s how A Broken Angel food cart describes its plant-based fare. More often than not, the fusion of too many different culinary tastes into one gastronomical experience can feel overreaching. Like the dish or rather the person preparing it is trying too hard. Not with Broken Angel food cart. Rich’s commingling of the three aforementioned, seemingly disparate palates is done in a way that works and works well. The results are satisfying in taste and nutrition, with juxtaposing flavors and backgrounds never getting lost in the amalgam. Neither the food nor the chef preparing it for you ever feels like it’s trying too hard. Hallelujah.  

Rich Hull Broken Angel food cart bend
Peace, brutha.

Every Time A Broken Angel Spreads Its Wings…

A child is born? Nope. Even better. A vegan dish of piquant persuasion enters the world. Thanks to the Broken Angel food cart in Bend, delicious vegan food does exist. And, after a quick exchange with the cart’s Oklahoman chef-owner, Rich Hull, I learned a few things I hadn’t known before. Things that might help explain this tasty vegan food phenomenon. 

broken angel vegan food in Bend
Vegan inferno.

Rich has a masters in French cooking and has opened/operated 12 different restaurants in The Sooner State like it ain’t no thang. Rich and his Broken Angel food cart also dip their vegan wings into a number of different foodie endeavors arounds Bend, none of which seem to get the short end of the stick. Getting hitched? The Broken Angel food cart does weddings and events, loads of them, all vegan-like. Want to take a vegan cooking class in Bend? A Broken Angel can swoop in and teach you how to make the shit out of some animal-free meals. Just envision that for a minute. 

vegan food Bend OR
Wilson… is that you?

Right now, folks who visit Broken Angel either snag the single shaded table out front, take their food to go, or eat at Palate (yes, that’s allowed and yes, Palate has beer, cider, and kombucha… if that’s your thing). As of this coming June, Broken Angel will slide two feet forward and into the newly renovated and refurbished backyard area at Palate. Jason and Jodie, the owners of Palate, have been putting a lot of love into their backyard zone, and it’s shaping up beautifully. Be sure to check it out, chill, eat, and imbibe.

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