Bend Oregon Info

Bend Oregon Info

Basic Bend Oregon Info:

Mirror Pond in downtown Bend Oregon

  • Sunshine: 260 – 300 mostly sunny days annually
  • Population: roughly 80,000
  • Land mass: roughly 30 square miles
  • Airport: RDM in Redmond  (Roberts Field, Redmond Municipal Airport)
  • Direct Flights to RDM: Denver, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles
  • Gardening season: 80 – 90 days
  • Average low temps are under 30 degrees November through April
  • Rain: about 12 inches annually
  • Snow: about 34 inches annually
  • Frost: only 10 days on record historically haven’t dipped below 32 degrees
  • General climate: High desert. You’ll need lots of lotion.
  • Elevation: 3,623 feet

Thinking about moving to Bend? 

General Bend Resources

Visit Bend

Bend Chamber of Commerce

The Source Weekly

The Bend Bulletin


Bend Blogs


The Bend Daily 

What the Bend

Beer Me Bend

Bend Beer Blog


Frequency Music Blog

Bike Around Bend


Bend Oregon Restaurants

Best Minimum Wage Job a Middle Aged Guy Ever Had


(Thanks to Lori Nelson-King for the extensive blog list.)

Other Essential Bend Resources:

Manicure: Chloe at Tangerine. 10 NW Minnesota Ave, ground floor of The Oxford Hotel, downtown. (541) 389-9090.

Denim: Local Joe’s. 929 NW Wall St, downtown. (541) 385-7137.

Vintage cowboy boots: Cowgirl Cash. 924 NW Brooks St, downtown. (541) 678-5162.

Reasonably priced custom jeweler: Waylon Rhoads Jewelry Design. By appointment only. (541) 654-2918

Blacksmith: Joe Elliott and Kellen Bateham, Dry Canyon Forge, and Hunter Dahlberg, Orion Forge.

Veterinarian: Dr. Rex Urich at Mt. Bachelor Veterinary Hospital. 61535 N U.S. 97 #3, Bend, OR 97702 (in the Fred Meyer complex). (541) 389-6612. (Note: He’s the best vet I’ve ever had and he makes house calls!!)

Guitar Teacher: Joe Schulte at String Theory Music. 1291 NW Wall St. Bend, OR 97701. (541) 678-0257.

Ob/Gyn: Dr. Lauren O’Sullivan. 1102 NE 4th St, Bend, OR 97701. (541) 389-0450

Nursery/Landscaping: Gary at Land Systems Nursery. 21336 E Hwy 20, Bend, OR 97701. (541) 382-7646


To be continued…





10 thoughts on “Bend Oregon Info

  1. Thanks for all of your helpful info! I was wondering if you had any advice on apt rentals in Bend and where the best place would be (definitely pet friendly)?

  2. I am thinking of moving to Bend from Santa Monica, and am so happy to find your site. Thank you for sharing your personal moving experience and information on Bend. It is extremely helpful.

  3. Catrina, your information is very helpful for people wanting to move to Bend. A common theme I’m reading from various resources is that new residents of Bend say the community is friendly, but there’s a gap with helping newcomers get settled, learn the ropes, and feel included. There’s a million questions when moving to a new location, so having an interactive group page to get the questions answered would be so helpful and reassuring during the apprehensive time of planning a major move.

    Would you like to Admin a Facebook Group Forum designed to bridge this gap? It could also serve as a place for new residents to meet people and plan outings. I think more people use Facebook then Meetup. I posted your awesome guide on the new group page. Hopefully the Facebook link will be shared with Bend folks to get local involvement, but the resource could be just for newcomers to connect.

    You are welcome to be an Admin of this group.

    1. I’m a local real estate broker and mediator. My passion is helping consumers through helpful tips, answer questions etc. I am not here to expand my business I seriously like to be of assistance. I love Bend & Central Oregon. I moved her in 2003 and understand and appreciate how it is to relocate. I was a volunteer mediator for the courts and the community for about 10 years.

      1. Today is my first official day of Mission Move the Taul Family to Bend, OR before 2018! My husband has been wanting to move us out of the city for along time now but we could never agree on a location. We have in the past briefly discussed the Bend area but I never really did any research until last night and I am in LOVE! The area sounds great for families that love the outdoors and based on what I have read the High Schools are in the top 50 in the state! (Our oldest will be starting High School in 3 years OMG!) I love this site so much! Thank you for so much information! If there is anything that you feel would be good to share please let me know! The good, the bad and the ugly!!!

        1. Amee-
          Wondering if you made the move? We are considering….. Currently we live in California and have a middle schooler who will be in High School in 1 1/2. Would love to know if you did it and how it is going!
          Thanks in advance-

  4. What an interesting background Susan. You are a great addition to the Facebook group. Thanks for jumping in to answer questions and help people. It’s turning into a nice group and will continue to grow over time.

  5. We newcomers do have a lot of questions. Mine for today…where should I take our Westie to be groomed? So many listed. Thanks for suggestions.

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