Best Massage in Bend Oregon? Action Dynamix Has Your Back. No Pun Intended.

Best Massage in Bend Oregon? Action Dynamix Has Your Back. No Pun Intended.

Looking for the best massage in Bend, Oregon? Well, I’ve got a massage therapist for you (or rather three massage therapists under one umbrella). She not only knows her shit and makes you feel like a million bucks, but is also fairly priced, sweet as no-sugar-added, from-scratch pie, and delivers high-caliber massage work every single time. She doesn’t talk if you don’t care to talk during body work, but she is more than pleasant if you care to engage in conversation while getting an elbow or a palm heel pressed into your scapular region.

The massage therapist I’m talking about is Erica Rolniak. She has years of practice under belt and most recently bought Action Dynamix Massage Therapy from its founder, massage therapist extraordinaire and all-around great human, Amber Clark. Below you’ll find some info about what Erica and her team of tissue-prodding experts are up to in the world of Central Oregon massage.

Best Massage in Bend, OR – Action Dynamix

Although Amber handed over her Action Dynamix baby, she is currently busy having an actual baby and embarking on yet another venture, cupping workshops in Central Oregon and beyond. At the same time, Erica is using her two strong, massage-wielding arms to take the Bend massage therapy business Amber first started in 2009 and continue its therapeutic awesomeness, one badass massage at a time.

From full body sports massage and pregnancy massage, to Swedish and deep tissue massage in Bend, OR, Action Dynamix not only does it all but does it really well. An important factor in a town full of massage places. Whether you’re a professional athlete (who isn’t in Bend?) or a recreational river floater, Action Dynamix has three certified massage therapists to tend to your sore muscles, jammed intercostals, and overall body mechanics.

Action Dynamix massage in Bend OR
Yes, Erica really is as sweet as her photo makes her out to be. As for the best, most effective massage in Bend contest? She takes the cake.

Three Massage Therapists. No Waiting.

Aside from getting a massage with Erica, you can also request 1-1.5 hour massages with one of the other two therapists at Action Dynamix, Sarah Reynolds-Jackson and Patty Alvarez.  Not sure which one to go with? If you want a massage in Bend sooner rather than later, choose the “no preference” option when booking. You can’t go wrong. If you want to book one massage therapist and then test out the other two down the line, start with Erica and then expand your horizons from there. (Keep in mind that Erica is generally booked out a little further in advance for massages in Bend, and that there’s good reason for that.) Like I said, though, whomever you go with out of the three Action Dynamix massage therapists you’re guaranteed to get the best massage in Bend Oregon. If not, it’s on me… Nah, I’m just fucking with you. But for real, these ladies slay when it comes to IT bands, hip flexors, shoulder girdles, and all things body-related.   

Ace in the Hole – Massage for Golfers in Bend, OR

Yeahyeahyeah, Action Dynamix has the rock climbers, cyclists, and general uber-athletes of Bend covered. But what about massage for golfers? Well… Erica and the ladies are more than adept at specifically addressing the muscles involved with the golf swing. These gals are good and, through regular and targeted massage, can help improve your flexibility, strength and overall golf game. Whether you want more immediate massage work for an upcoming golf tournament or game, or you need help creating flexibility in tight places (for golfers, that’s usually the lower back, hips, shoulders, and forearms), Action Dynamix offers specialized massage therapy for golfers in Bend.

foam rolling and massage for golfers
Foam rolling and massage for golfers? Absolutely.

Moving to Bend, already live here, or just visiting? Ready to up your golf game (or anything game) with a cadre of highly skilled Bend, OR sports massage therapists? Get an Action Dynamix massage on your calendar today and keep your tee time at River’s Edge, Tetherow, or any other big green space in the middle of the high desert where you love making divots and driving 18 holes.

Solar Eclipse Time is Near! Book Your Action Dynamic Massage in Bend Ahead of Time!

Apparently the best location to experience the 2017 Solar Eclipse is right here in Bend. In fact, I think Bend might even be the top-ranked viewing place in the U.S. for this year’s solar eclipse. Or rather Madras is (40 minutes down the road and gorgeous), as it sits directly in the Path of Totality. Sounds cool to me and it sounds like a lot of people in one place at one time. To help you get all blissed out and find your chi while experiencing The Totality and the alignment of the sun, moon, and earth, we here at the Eternal Beginner’s Guide to Bend strongly suggest getting a massage. And yeah, of course, we also suggest booking your massage ahead of time. As in right away, this minute, now. Before the solar eclipse arrives and you’re left feeling the effects of being in a town chock full of traffic jams, sweaty/screaming children, and empty bread shelves.


best massage in Bend
Oooh. The alluring massage table at Action Dynamix. Get on there and get into the deeper layers of tissue and muscle. Ones you never even knew you had.

Because this is the last solar eclipse until 2024 and you want it to be celestial and out of body, right? Right. Then make it so and massage the shit out of the inevitable stress of the mayhem to come. In other words: turn yourself over to Erica and the gang at Action Dynamix and give yourself a chance to enjoy the 2017 Solar Eclipse in a more relaxed, lucid state of mind.   

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