Bend Oregon Coffee Shops That Don’t Blow

Bend Oregon Coffee Shops That Don’t Blow

If only my mother read some of the titles of these blog posts (actually, she does)… she’d giggle. Or ask me to clarify what they meant. To which I’d offer: we’re referring to the Bend Oregon coffee shops that make some of the best damn espresso you’ve ever had, that employ or are run by generally good people, and that don’t suck. Then she’d pronounce espresso expresso and go back to sipping her mug of hot water mixed with generic-brand instant coffee crystals. Man, I love her. Even more than I love Bend Oregon coffee shops, though the latter are what we’ll be addressing in our new page dedicated entirely to Coffee in Bend. 

Bend Oregon Coffee Shops, We’re Coming For You 

Along with writing about some of the most badass places to stay in Bend, over the next few months we’ll be posting about our favorite Bend Oregon coffee shops. From Palate and Lone Pine, to Crow’s Feet Commons and Spoken Moto, we’ll bring you what we’ve tasted to be the cream at the top of the Bend Oregon coffee shop… milk jug? You catch our drift.

Palate Coffee Bar Bend Oregon Coffee Shops
Hint: PALATE is our number one playa.

While our Coffee in Bend page lists a number of different coffee shops, we’re only going to write about the ones we’d give our left arms to for a shot of their espresso. (Sorry, we know it’s a fucked up saying, but it’s still a saying.). This doesn’t mean the other coffee shops are “bad,” but rather that they’re not necessarily our taste. Some of the downtown Bend coffee shops we list will be roasters themselves, others will pull delicate shots from other fine coffee roasters. Either way, if they make a bangin’ triple mocha nonfat latte with extra whip extra syrup, you’ll read about it here. Just kidding. To be clear, and to make sure you’re not totally disappointed when you patronize one of our recommended Bend Oregon coffee shops, we’re talking espresso here. Not multicolored frappucinos.

In Bend, Need Coffee, Stat

We get it. You just moved to Bend, or you just landed in town and you want to know where to go for the best coffee in Bend. Take a deep breath, check out the Bend Oregon coffee shops currently listed on our Coffee in Bend page, and then go to one. Or three. And be sure to join our mailing list or to check back regularly for updates, coffee snobbery, and more Bend coffee culture info. ‘Til then, amigitos.

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