Does Bend have…

Does Bend have…

I woke up at 3am this morning in a cold sweat, with one question racing through my mind:

Is there a Trader Joe’s in Bend????

Which, of course, led me to think about other things that I don’t know about Bend.

So, I grabbed my laptop and did some research. Here is my conspicuous consumption list and the results, per Google.

Does Bend have….

Trader Joe’s? YES! Phew.

Whole Foods? YES. I know… but it’s a necessary evil, I’m addicted to the gorgonzola dip.

Apple Store? NO. Nearest store is 3 hours away in Tigard, OR.  (June 2015 update: We still don’t have an Apple Store. We have an off brand store that specializes in Apple products in the Old Mill, but it’s not the real deal.)

Tequila bar? YES. El Jimador. (4/6/13 update: CLOSED, but Hola has a decent tequila selection.)

Yummy Mexican food? TBD, but there are lots of options.

Casual farm-to-table restos? YES. I found one: CHOW and I can’t wait to try it. Fancy options: Elevation Restaurant, Brasada Ranch, and Jen’s Garden (in Sisters).

Satisfied that Bend would not deprive me of TJ’s lime and chile cashews or other “essentials,” I went back to bed.

And besides, I’ve got bigger fish to fry than worrying about what happens when my MacBook Pro hard drive commits suicide next time.

Like finding a house to rent near my brother on the westside. Ooof.

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