Passing the Baton: We Are Bend Oregon & So Are You

Passing the Baton: We Are Bend Oregon & So Are You

First and foremost, we would like to begin by expressing something: our gratitude! Seriously, we’re more than excited to have The Beginner’s Guide to Bend blog baton being passed our way. Catrina has done solid work with BGTB thus far, obviously, and we can’t say thank you enough for the opportunity to continue its growth and shift and expansion and reach. We’re ecstatic about the idea of continuing to present fun, no-gloss, informative, and (for lack of a better word) different content to Bend and beyond.
Here’s a few of the things we’ll be continuing to do (for those thinking about moving to Bend, and for the community that already resides), ethers we’ll be extending into, directions we’ll be taking.


  • Offering a no-gloss, non-advertorial perspective for the existent Bend community and potential new citizens (you?). We do not presently see a source beyond BGTB for this type of information dissemination. As dedicated and experienced Bend residents, we see this as a component of an intention to expand the community in a meaningful way, rather than simply expanding it. Value over volume. And if Bend is headed toward that 100,000 population mark, so be it, and welcome. Because size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts.
  • Collaborating with others inside and outside the community – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally – to offer interviews, features, and other posts that push boundaries rather than reenforce them.
  • Rolling out a more robust editorial calendar. Meaning: subscribe or check back often, because we’re excited about what we have up our sleeves and you should be too.

Baton in our hands, faces to the Bend winter sunlight–thanks for bringing us into the fold with such abundance. Until the next post.

Yrs & Yrs,

Irene & Laura

Kaycee Anseth collage
Local public art in Downtown Bend, by Kaycee Anseth. Peep it in Tin Pan Alley Art Collection.

4 thoughts on “Passing the Baton: We Are Bend Oregon & So Are You

  1. So excited to see what comes of this blog! When I first subscribed, moving to Bend was a “someday, soon, hopefully this year” dream. Since then, because of some unseen events, moving to Bend is now a going to happen this month or next month dream!! So in my eyes, this is perfect timing. I’m a blogger myself and love food and DIY projects. So if you are looking for any future collaborations, let me know!

    1. All-around lovely… We’re in the midst of firming up the editorial calendar and just might do a Call for Guest Blogger Submissions. We’ll let you know if/when we do!

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