Random "I Love Bend" Moment #1

Random "I Love Bend" Moment #1

It took 3 minutes to set up garbage and recycling service for the apple-tree house. THREE MINUTES. The woman who answered the phone at Bend Garbage and Recycling actually took my order. No phone tree, no transfers, no hold times. My bins will be delivered a week from today.  

It took 2 minutes to change my address with my car insurance company. My agent, Lisa Niemeyer at AAA Oregon, answered my call immediately — I have her direct line, so this makes sense. Again, no phone tree, no transfers and no holding. And that 2 minutes included a little chit chat. (She’s nice.)

It’s so freaking refreshing to talk to a real-live human being who lives in the town where services are provided. I get that call centers are necessary, and I’ll endure them for cheap Internet access or decent cell-phone service, but holy moly, having a direct number feels like Christmas morning. I’m giddy. 

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