Reality Check #2 — Getting WiFi in Bend

Reality Check #2 — Getting WiFi in Bend

I need the Interwebs. For work. For Skyping. For stalking former lovers via Facebook. 

I’m spoiled and my Internet needs to be WiFi. Plus, I use a lot of data. As a multi-tasker with A.D.D. tendencies, I usually have, oh, say, 20 browser tabs going at any given time. 

Unless I’m on vacation or in a coma, I need the Internet almost as much as I need food and water.

I understand this is wrong in so many ways (See: The Shallows), but it is what it is.

So when I started researching ISPs in Bend, I nearly passed out. The major local service provider has monthly data caps.  Meaning you get xMB per month, and if you go over, you pay. 

What?? I have no idea how much data I use on a monthly basis. I know it’s probably a lot. I’m sure the whole Cloud situation would kill me, since every photo taken on my iPhone is a couple MBs. 

There are still ISPs in Bend that provide DIAL UP for God’s sake. I feel like I’ve been transported back to 1999.

It appears that bandwidth in Bend is like a parking space in NYC. Precious, scarce and expensive.

But luckily this story has a happy ending.

I found Century Link (formerly Quest), and got me some juicy UNLIMITED WiFi for about 30 bucks a month. Erika got me all set up in about 30 minutes, and my WiFi modem will be waiting for me at the apple-tree house when I arrive. (Btw, Erika is one of those customer service agents you wish you could clone and force every other big consumer company to use. Friendly and sharp, she didn’t try to sell me needless crap, and gave me her honest opinion on the options.)

I feel like a douchebag for not choosing the local provider. I probably am a douchebag for going with the big guys, but damn… A girl needs to stalk and chat and work freely, ya know? 

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