Bend Politics

Bend Politics

Dear Bend Politics Lovers,

Here’s where we will intermittently, as time allows and as political things happen and as we feel like it, post about town halls and Bend politics in general. We will either offer recaps or rants or praise, or simply who/what/where/when/why info on our very own Bend politics scene. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might even catch an interview or two in this section, or maybe a profile, if we feel the candidate is A. interesting enough, and B. worth our vote and yours.

Every once in awhile we’ll stray from Bend politics and venture into the larger world of U.S. and foreign politics. In the end and regardless, we are aware it’s all some kind of Sisyphean dance across a mostly lit stage. Still, a lot of things that happen in politics can and do actually alter the course of our lives in huge ways, devastatingly, incredibly, or otherwise. So, even if “politics isn’t your thing,” it actually is. Bend politics and beyond involve us all and impact us all, and are part of our everyday lives, whether we’re “into them” or not.


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Bend Politics And Beyond: A Trigger Warning

Whether you already live in Bend, think you might move to Bend, or want nothing to do with this place, let this paragraph stand as a trigger warning. That is, the contents of our Bend politics section, or any other section for that matter, may or may not cause you to feel any number of things. These include: ecstasy, annoyance, discomfort, sadness, pissed offed-ness, joy, disdain, empathy, inspired, or… like laughing or taking action or both.

While we are not here to ruffle feathers solely for the sake of ruffling feathers, we are also not here to please everyone or even anyone. If feather ruffling does occur, it is the unintentional and inevitable side effect of the fact that our perspective is different from your perspective is different from the next person’s perspective. And how great! We are humans, after all. And we are here to write our most honest thoughts, sentiments, and musings (in a respectful and tactful and heart/head-forward way) into the ether. Even and especially if they challenge us to broaden and expand and consider something other than our own world view.

Thanks, take heed, and enjoy the Bend politics scene as presented by us.

-The (Eternal) Beginner’s Guide to Bend Team

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