Your New Best Friend: Debbie Fred of Paleo Eats

Your New Best Friend: Debbie Fred of Paleo Eats

Since the BGTB blog is, in part, about supporting the people, places, and businesses of Bend Oregon that we would bring home to our mothers, it doesn’t hurt that Paleo Eats owner Debbie Fred is as sweet as a pie sourced from locally grown fruits, honey, flour, and eggs.

Maybe you know her name from local PTA involvement, or from local fundraising efforts for someone in the Bend Community who had cancer or some rare disease or just lost their home. Or more indirectly, perhaps you’ve heard of Paleo Eats, the Paleo-inspired company started by Debbie Fred. Maybe you’ve even sampled one of her Paleo bars, and so in a roundabout route you know Debbie.Whether you do or don’t know this Tumalo-dwelling mother of two, you’re going to learn a little about her Bend Oregon based company right about… now.

Paleo Eats Bars, Yo

To start, all you have to do is check out the About section on Debbie’s Paleo Eats site (An aesthetically alluring site created by the talents of Union Culture Media.). There’s a photo of her and her son, Cash, that just says adorable, wholesome, and nice all over it. And believe it or not, friends, that photo is neither a farce nor a marketing ploy! While I am not a regular participant in Debbie’s daily life, I do get to interact with her throughout the course of a year, and I can tell you that she is everything that this photo projects her to be: kind, generous, bubbly, and… Central Oregon sweet.

Debbie Fred
Fine. We’ll just Debbie and Cash’s photo here. See?

But I digress. I am not here to convince all of you about what kind of person Debbie is. I’m here to talk about her Paleo bar company, Paleo Eats. If you haven’t tried what she makes—using organic, Paleo-friendly ingredients like coconut flakes, almonds, raw honey, extra virgin coconut oil, dates, flaxseed, and maple syrup, for starters—you probably should. Not only are they damn good, they also pack a punch for that epic bike ride or Mt. Bachelor shred day or long backcountry tour or endless trail run you’ve got planned because, well, Bendites (or Benders; see third to last bullet) are crazy for that shit and need packable, light, calorically dense fuel in order to carry out their wildest outdoor sport dreams. Just heading to Juniper Swim and Fitness? That’s cool, too. Debbie’s Paleo Eats bars are perfect for not finding yourself in bonk-mode post-yoga/spin/getting swole.

Where To Buy Paleo Eats Bars

Paleo Eats bars
All three Paleo Eats bars.

First, cut out the middle man and head to the wellspring: buy Paleo Eats bars directly from Debbie’s site, right here (pack of 12 for $48; or subscribe and save 10%). I’ve connected you to the Coconut Cacao flavor, but she’s also got Coffee Bean and Chai Spice for your tastebuds.

Next, you can buy Paleo Eats bars in places like Natural Grocer’s on 3rd St., online at Amazon, and pre-flight at RDM!

Whether you live outside of Central Oregon, are considering a move to Bend, or have been a Bend local for like forever, give Paleo Eats a try and, if you happen to encounter Debbie Fred’s warm presence out and about in Bend, be sure to say what’s up. I have a hunch she’ll at least smile back.

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