Van Conversion & Custom Vans in Bend Oregon – The Van Guys

Van Conversion & Custom Vans in Bend Oregon – The Van Guys

It’s an understatement to say that “van life” is in its renaissance period. Everyone and their mothers is either funneling loads of $$$ into a van conversion, or buying one of the already (meticulously) built custom vans in Bend Oregon. Indeed, the van craze has been occurring in cities across the globe for some time now. Bend just happens to have Sprinter van conversions for sale all over the place and be a hotspot for DIY van customization. Given the city’s large population of outdoor-crazed humans, the adventure van thing makes sense. As does a company like The Van Guys, which I’ll get to in a minute. First, the drugs.

The Van Guys Bend Oregon
The Van Guys, at your service.

The way I mostly see it, if there’s anything that’s going to experience a rebirth from the 1960s, it might as well be van life. Yeah, I suppose bell bottoms (and other hippie-esque fashions) are also making a comeback, but I’d take a more privileged iteration of van life before re-embracing flared denim.

There’s also pot. Pot is definitely still in, and/or it’s never gone out of fashion. As for LSD and Ayahuasca and other hallucinogens reminiscent of the Kennedy Era, maybe they’re still en vogue too? I kinda have no idea. I do remember hearing on NPR that Psilocybin was trying to be approved as an alternative to pharmaceuticals in the treatment of depression and anxiety (the NYT even wrote about it + there are a shitton of scholarly articles surrounding its veracity). Which is fucking awesome. But my finger isn’t really on the drug pulse. Even if it were, I’m here to write about who to see for van conversions and custom vans in Bend. Not which trippy substances from our yesteryears have regained popularity in conjunction with van dwelling. 

#vanlife 4 Ever – Custom Vans in Bend Oregon

Which brings me to a recent New Yorker article about #vanlife. Perhaps you’ve read it? From a “shift in marketing” perspective it’s kinda neat. But from a real live human perspective, it personally makes me want to barf. Just a little in my mouth. For whosoever chooses to make it so, van life can now be a completely commoditized way of living, replete with product placements in Instagram photos and carefully contrived half-naked girl doing downward dog on top of a van shots (Who does yoga on top of their van?). While the commoditization of van life does in fact rest in opposition to the impetus of our forepeople’s version and vision of van life, van living is here nonetheless and it does have its merits.

custom vans in Bend Oregon

Maybe I’m making note of these merits because my husband and I are currently outfitting the lightly used Ford Transit cargo van we just purchased? No, we won’t be commoditizing our van life, but the truth is we’re still a white, mostly hetero couple that bought a van. Part of me feels smug at the fact that our van won’t have its own Instagram account, nickname, or lifestyle-product-driven personality. Another part of me feels like an asshole for being what I said we are: yet another white, mostly hetero couple that bought a van. Still, I don’t feel that bad. Because yeah, it’s going to be an adventure, our own adventure. And I love that.

Central Oregon Sprinter Van Conversion, At Your Service 

OK, so all of this brings me to The Van Guys in Bend Oregon. Though The Van Guys mostly do custom Sprinter vans and Sprinter van conversions in Bend, as well as Ram Promaster customizations and conversions, they were kind enough to cut a hole in the roof of our Transit and install a fan a few days ago. I’m sure there are other van conversion companies in Bend, but somehow we arrived at the doorstep of The Van Guys. The result? Positive enough to write home about.

custom vans in Bend
Put a hole in it at The Van Guys.

The owner of The Van Guys, Ian Beveridge, is who did our fan installation. He’s also the individual with whom I intermittently chatted over the course of its 2-hour duration. Can I just say… Ian is LOVELY. He’s also towering in stature and has a calming way about him. A proverbial gentle giant, if you will. Among other redeeming qualities, Ian is a fountainhead of knowledge about all things van conversion and custom vans in Bend.

tools for van conversion
All the tools.

I wanted to be conscious of his time and of not picking his brain too much (a gratis), but Ian was generous by nature. By the time the van fan had been installed and I was shaking hands with Ian, I knew that our van would be giving him more business in the near future. Undoubtedly, there will be aspects of our van buildout that will be better accomplished by more competent and experienced hands. These aspects will definitely see us taking a trip to The Van Guys.      

The Van Guys – One Sweet Custom Van & Van Conversion Company in Bend

Or rather two sister custom van and van conversion companies in Bend. The Van Guys and Action Van are both owned by Mr. Beveridge. With Action Vans, your Sprinter or Promaster van can be “quickly and economically [made] into a feature-rich adventure vehicle.” Sounds alright to me. Action Vans also has several Sprinter vans in stock that are ready for conversion and purchase. The Van Guys portion of the business, or at least what I ascertained about it from talking with Ian and from looking at the website, focuses solely on taking your van and customizing it however you want. Again, mostly Sprinter and Promaster vans.

custom sprinter van for sale in bend
Ian explains his Sprinter van conversion tactics.

To break it down more succinctly, if you want to buy a custom Sprinter van in Bend, check out Action Vans. Or, to pimp your own ride, The Van Guys are your peeps. Sorry, Xzibit won’t be there. He doesn’t do custom vans in Bend. Regardless, get in contact with Ian and tell him what you need. I’m sure he’ll be willing to help get the job done in the thoroughest most gentle of ways.


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  1. Hello! I’m thinking of moving to Bend and wanted to know if there’s a particular time of year it’s easier to move as far as housing goes. If you’ve already written a post about this please let me know 🙂 I love your writing and all of your posts!

    1. Thank you, real glad you dig the posts. I never know who I’m offending, but hey! Um, housing is hard right now in general, so I’m not actually sure if there is a time of year that would be yielding a vacancy rate over 1%. I can send you over to Kelley Real Estate, great people and in the business for like ever, who might be able to better answer that question. You can also try Paul Frazier at Fred Real Estate. Good luck!

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