Moving to Bend? Tell Us What You Want to Know About Central Oregon Living.

Moving to Bend? Tell Us What You Want to Know About Central Oregon Living.

Here at the Eternal Beginner’s Guide to Bend, we decided it was about time we gave you an update, or at least another opinion or two, about Central Oregon living. Because this can and does change on the regular, we’ve also decided to deliver it to you as it comes, in fits and spurts (multiple, smaller blog posts and pages), rather than just one static statement.

Hm, we’ll start with that as a through-thread: living in Bend is not a statement. Maybe shopping at Whole Foods is, but this is different. This is a community of real and varied people

Ok so back in August of 2014, Catrina put up an informative little page about her “moving to Bend” experience. What Catrina had to offer about Bend was great, and it’s definitely been one of the most widely read sections on the (e)BGTB blog. It’s also her personal experience from 3 years ago and, well, what better time to expand in all kinds of directions on the subject of moving to Bend than now: when all kinds of individuals and families are flocking here to embrace Central Oregon living.

Want To Know What Central Oregon Living Is Like?

central oregon living drake park bridge

As if living in Bend, or anywhere else, could be distilled to a few thousand words written by one single person! A place is dynamic, people are dynamic, and one person’s experience is not the next person’s is not the next. In other words, we can’t tell you what Central Oregon living is like, to a T. We can and will, however, continue to offer mostly intelligent thoughts, questionably sound opinions, and generally biased insights on Central Oregon living. Some of these things you may or may not like or agree with or even care to heed. Suit yourself.

AND… Tell us what YOU want to KNOW. For real, here’s a time when we actually do want to hear from you. Of course we could go on and blah-blah-blah about our favorite nooks/crannies and growler fill stations and public restrooms in Bend—oh, you better believe it we will—but now’s a spectacular time to send us suggestions about what you want to know about Central Oregon living, specifically Bend life. From school systems to coffee to music. From Mt. Bachelor to where to shop for shit to what’s the Bend Public Library like?, we want to know what you want to know so we can write about it.

Either message us on Instagram (@beginnersbend) or leave us a note in the comments section below, telling us what you want to hear about, and we’ll bring you the Bend Oregon booya soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Moving to Bend? Tell Us What You Want to Know About Central Oregon Living.

  1. Hi! If it isn’t too late, I’d like to know what we can expect to pay for rent in different neighborhoods and the range for buying a house for a single person as well as a family. What can we expect to spend on utilities. Do they recycle in Bend?

    What are the internet and cable companies available there? Car insurance prices? General questions that would help us calculate the cost of living in Bend.

    I’m currently living in Miami, FL where we take out our boots and jacket when it hits 60. What do we need to know about getting around in the snow?

    1. Hey Toni. Thanks for the note and never too late. We’ve been collecting requests and just put up a blog post today about our experience of winters in Bend. Hopefully it’s of use to you. We’ll continue to post, as we see fit, about some of the things you + others have inquired about. The best way to know about the new content we put out is to join our mailing list. If you haven’t already done so, it’s in the sidebar and it’s easy to do. And we don’t send out annoying emails, or give your info to anyone else. In other words: we’d love you to join us! Thanks again and ’til soon. -The EBGTB Team

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