Coffee In Bend

Coffee In Bend

A constellation of cities along the left and right coasts, and certainly some between the two, have become known for their coffee. From Brooklyn to Raleigh to New Orleans, to Chicago, SLC, LA, Portland, and way beyond, coffee has come a long way since Chock Full O’Nuts. And Oregon, Central Oregon if we’re being precise, is not an anomaly. Whether a trickle-down effect of Portland’s upper echelon coffee scene, or borne of its own accord (or a little of both), coffee in Bend Oregon has molted into its own unique creature.

Coffee In Bend – FTW

That means For The Win. Like, coffee in Bend is winning right now. So what better reason for us to dedicate an entire page to Bend Oregon coffee shops, roasters, and cafés, right? Our thoughts exactly. From here on out, consider us your definitive source for all things coffee in Bend Oregon.

Palate coffee in Bend
While Palate Coffee Bar parted amicable ways with Stumptown, they do still serve Coava. #winning

But… How do you know you can trust us? Well, you can’t. But also, you can. Because we love coffee, really good coffee, not the kind that’s simply a vehicle for caffeine. Because we spend a lot of time in downtown Bend coffee shops, working and creating and people-watching, and we know there are a few Bend coffee shop gems out of the lot. And because we’re constantly assessing the Bend Oregon coffee scene by way of taste, sight, experience, AND barista interaction (all of them somewhat fluctuating factors).

We might have a mouth on us here at (e)BGTB, but we sure as fuck know what we’re talking about when we talk about good coffee in Bend. Period.

A Malleable List of Bend Oregon Coffee Shops We Dig

PALATE Coffee Bar + some shit we wrote about PALATE many moons ago.

Lone Pine + blog post coming soon…

Backporch + Why Backporch Coffee is sort of like your favorite rockstar.

Spoken Moto + ditto

Crow’s Feet Commons + Stumptown and nostalgia at this downtown Bend coffee spot.

Strictly Organic + ditto

Thump + ditto

Looney Bean Coffee + TBD

Megaphone + TBD

Stay tuned for more Bend Oregon Coffee shops…

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