Stuff To Do In Bend

Stuff To Do In Bend

Check back later for more fun stuff to do in Bend. Expect to see a carefully selected compilation of BGTB-approved stuff to entertain and excite. Woohoo!

Here are a few things to get you started:

– Have lunch at Brasada Ranch and take in the gorgeous view. If it’s a Thursday night, don’t miss their BBQ & Music series! Read about it here.

Thursday night in Bend Brasada Ranch BBQ and Live Music Farm-to-table
The view from Range Restaurant at Brasada Ranch.

– Have brunch at CHOW (and maybe a bloody mary or two – Dee. Lish. Us.)

Beef hash at CHOW…

– Have a laid-back drink at The D and chat up bartender Buck Bales. (Yes, it’s a dive bar. So if you’re too fancy for PBR, skip this one.)

Buck Bales
This is Buck, bartender at The D.


– Have a delicious cocktail at Stihl Whiskey Bar (where the grownups hang out) or Dogwood Cocktail Cabin (expensive but appeals to hipsters and lumbersexuals*).

Things to do in Bend Oregon
‘The Kerouac’ at The Stihl Whiskey Bar

– Cowboy up and learn to two step at Mavericks Bar & Grill. (Or just go ride the bull and play a little bocce ball.)

Riding the bull at Maverick's Bar & Grill
No trip to Bend is complete without a little mechanical bull action at Maverick’s

– Check out Shevlin Park. Go for an easy hike and find the covered bridge and tell me what the mysterious chalk date means.

– Explore Sawyer Park.

– Shop for vintage cowboy boots at Cowgirl Cash.

Cowboy boots from Cowgirl Cash in Bend, Oregon
Vintage Lucchese cowboy boots from Cowgirl Cash (not for sale, since I own ’em now).

– Rent stand-up paddleboards for a little river paddle time.

– Check out Central Oregon Locavore for local produce and local goods.

– Go hiking and see a waterfall: The Tumalo Falls hike (if you have a couple of hours).

What to do in Bend Oregon Tumalo Falls Hike
Gorgeousness you’ll see when you hike Tumalo Falls, just outside of Bend

– Have some great seasonal comfort food at Drake. Chef John Gurnee is one of the best chefs working in Bend. Order one of his specials (and a side of mac n cheese).

Oh, you know, just a grilled cheese and some tomato soup from Drake in Bend.


– Shop for art and cool crafty stuff at The Workhouse in the  Old Ironworks Art District.

Karen Eland, The Workhouse
Karen Eland is just one of a handful of artists at The Workhouse — she paints neat stuff using coffee and beer .

– Slurp up a bowl of pho at Sweet Saigon.

Pho at Sweet Saigon in Bend Oregon
What was left of my pho when I remembered to take a photo…


… more to come.

*Lumbersexuals =the new metrosexual: They have a hipster lumberjack vibe complete with the unruly beard, Pendelton vest, cuffed Japanese selvage denim and Danner boots. If their heads are not shaved, the definitely have product in their hair.

3 thoughts on “Stuff To Do In Bend

  1. ah how refreshing to know I’m not the only one who has moved to Bend and had to experience the so aptly put “Bend Barrier!” I found your blog googling dog parks, and feeling quite a bit more positive now that someday my boyfriend will not be my only friend in Bend lol! Oh and ps. Best thai in bend is Thai on the Fly off Greenwood. Insanely delish!

  2. I really appreciate your blog. My husband and I are in the process of moving to Bend and your Blog has given me a few good ideas and a few good laughs. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Love the Workhouse! Anyone new to Bend should check out their “Last Saturday” events. Live local bands, great art, and a great way to meet lots of locals.

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