7 Dog Walks in Bend: Day 4 — Pine Nursery

7 Dog Walks in Bend: Day 4 — Pine Nursery

PIne Nursery Community Park
3750 NE Purcell Blvd

Okay, this is the bestest dog park in Bend, in my humble opinion.

Best for: any person or animal who likes awesome places. Yeah. 

But before I explain why it’s awesome, I went to the wrong place first — the stupid new iPhone Apple map system dumped me HERE when I asked for directions to Pine Nursery Park:
Service road entrance to North Unit Main Canal off NE Purcell Blvd
This is an irrigation canal (that runs along the south side of the park, I’d find out later) and I didn’t know any better so I headed down the south edge of the canal, and then saw the park in the distance on the other side. It’s a rocky service road with no bridges for a good mile or two — until Deschutes Market Road. 

Turns out it was a happy accident. It was a decent little jog, and Betty and I needed the exercise. The canal was kind of pretty in a weird way, with rapids and remains of long-gone foot bridges and lots of rabbit brush.
Canal Service Road
We crossed to the north side of the canal at Deschutes Market Road, skimmed along the northern edge of Pine Nursery and returned to the car. We drove to the proper entrance at 3750 NE Purcell Blvd. We parked near the pond. Yep, a pond. A friendly stranger said the pond is stocked with fish for kids to catch. Cute!
Pond at Pine Nursery
We walked past the pond and followed signs to the off-leash area:

Here are a couple of shots of the awesome fenced-in off-leash trail area:

And then there was the gigantic grassy area. Apparently it just opened. Wow. It’s bigger than a football field (I think… I’m bad with spatial approximations).

This is definitely the sweetest off-leash area (OLA) in Bend. The others are great for sure, but you would visit them mostly because you live near them. Pine Nursery, however is totally a destination dog park. Betty loved it all… And if you run the canal first, you can get a little cardio before strolling through the park with your creature.

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