7 Dog Walks in Bend: Day 5 — Ponderosa Park

7 Dog Walks in Bend: Day 5 — Ponderosa Park

Ponderosa Park

225 SE 15th St.

We drove to SE Bend to check out Ponderosa Park. There was a little old man puttering around the sign at the entrance. He seemed to have laid out his lunch (it was 8:00 in the morning) on the stone base of the sign. Huh. 

There was a grassy sports field at the entrance, where a dog owner was exercising his two dogs off leash — with the entrance off-leash area (OLA) just a 20 yards away. That pretty much says it all. The grassy field was probably the better call.  That said, we soldiered on to check out the OLA. Here’s the entrance:

Betty is not picky. She’s been in Bend long enough to know what to do when she sees a trail. She runs. Good dog.
And she stops occasionally to pose for photos…

After a few minutes of walking the trail — which, while the trail area wasn’t exactly expansive, at least it wasn’t flat — we found the standard signage and bulletin board and just beyond it was a very small grass area under a canopy of trees. Meh.

 At the far end of the OLA, at the minuscule patch of grass, was another gate, from which we could see the sports field. Betty had no interest in going back the way we came. She wanted the huge grassy area. Plus the two dogs were still there and she had some butt sniffing to do. We exited and walked through a small wooded area to get to the field. One of the dogs came bounding over to offer his booty for inspection. 

Betty ran around in the field with her new friends for 20 minutes or so and deemed the trip a success.

Overall, if you live in SE Bend, this is a great park to have around the corner, but after a 5-minute walk through the trail area, you’ll probably end up in the non-OLA field.

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