Things to do in Bend – (e)BGTB Calendar

Things to do in Bend – (e)BGTB Calendar

There are a million things to do in Bend, Oregon.

Below you’ll find some of our picks — things to do in Bend if you like good food (and booze and beer!), awesome music, getting your yoga on, and generally being outdoors. Some of our “things to do in Bend” picks will show up as blog posts or pages, mainstays of the Bend experience, while others will shift with the weather, the times, and our mood.

For all things dynamic and timely, check out the Things To Do In Bend Calendar below, carefully curated by the (e)BGTB Team.

Things To Do In Bend: Never A Dull Moment, Unless You Want One

While we tend to lean towards farm-to-table food, we certainly don’t discriminate if the fare and the atmosphere is damn good. From lunch and dinner at our absolute favorite Spork, to dank coffee throughout the day from Palate or Lone Pine (OMG, Tin Pan Alley is a magical place for magical creatures… more on that later), to libations at The D&D or M&J Tavern, there are plenty of quality places to frequent and neat things to do in Bend.

As for music, we are particularly drawn to intelligent hip hop (We know you have no reason to, but please come to Bend, Kendrick!) and punk, which you don’t find too much of in Bend, at all. After hip hop and punk music, we reluctantly settle on singer-songwriter acoustic, if it’s really good and not cookie cutter. Also, we pretty much loathe jam bands, anything having to do with Nickelback, and hippie shit. So you’re looking for any of those things, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Getting Outside In Bend Oregon

Some of the outdoorsy stuff included in our (e)BGTB calendar section requires skill and gear. Some of it doesn’t. Basically, when it comes to things to do in Bend in the outdoors, we think it’s a fairly good idea to offer something for everyone. On the calendar and throughout the blog itself, we’ll keep you updated, informed, and in the know on things like hiking  Tumalo Falls, Bend and Central Oregon trail running, spring skiing at Mt. Bachelor, and a whole lot more.

things to do in bend
Snowplow a golf course in February for USATF Cross Country Nationals? Only in Bend.


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