For The Dogs

For The Dogs

(in progress…)

If you haven’t heard already, Dog Fancy Magazine voted Bend the most dog-friendly town in the country. So yeah, there are lots of options for your and your canine.

Winter isn’t super fun for dogs since most dog-friendly patios are closed due to it being freaking cold outside, but come spring and summer, oo la la, there are lots of options.

Dog Parks

There are seven off-leash areas in town, and I’ll write more about them later, but for now, check out the full list at

The two off-leash areas you need to know about are Riverbend and Pine Nursery.

River Bend has a crappy fenced dirt patch that’s reminiscent of Los Angeles dog parks, except it’s right on the Deschutes River. The reason to hit River Bend is if you have a pup who likes to swim: there is another small fenced area that has river access for doggy swim time.

Pine Nursery is awesome. A seventeen-acre fenced dog park? Yes, please. Plus it has a huge lovely field of grass — besides Les Schwab Amphitheater, it’s Betty’s favorite grassy area in town.

Another lovely spot for you and your canine BFF (leash officially required) is Sawyer Park

More updates to come…

Dog-Friendly Patios

Crux Brewery

10 Barrel


Deschutes Brewery

(to be continued…)


Dog-Friendly Businesses

(to come)



2 thoughts on “For The Dogs

  1. Thanks for writing this! We currently live in LA, and are thinking of settling down somewhere in Oregon. I’m a bit nervous because I’m not a cold weather gal, grew up in FL, San Fran was about as dark and cold as I could take so… yeah. I really appreciate your honesty when it comes to your challenges. It’s still in consideration, but I have more research to do now. Oh and the dogs stuffs great, we have a menagerie and our dogs go everywhere with us, to the pubs, to Big Bear, my corgi goes to FL.

  2. Would you say the dog friendliness applies to pitbulls? We are moving to Bend this summer with a pit/lab mix and are currently looking for rental options that are friendly to our furry guy, Marley.

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