Ignite Bend 10 — Sneak Peek

Ignite Bend 10 — Sneak Peek

My recurring nightmares usually involve one of two things:

  1. Small animals in peril, or
  2. Being the center of attention

So, I’m terrified about tomorrow night. Luckily, no diminutive creatures are in danger, but I will be on stage for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES, in front of 400 people, at The Tower Theater in Downtown Bend.

Why? I’m not crashing the stage during some musical event. No, I’m actually invited… I’m one of 10 official speakers at Ignite Bend.

Ignite Bend’s tagline is “enlighten us, but make it quick.”

I’ll have five minutes on stage, with 20 slides timed to rotate after 15 seconds. Not sure it’ll be enlightening, but I do have a quote from a Zen master. That should work, right?

Here’s my super exciting opening slide:

It gets better I promise…

I won’t spill the beans, but the plan is to share what it’s like been like moving from LA to  Bend.

Here’s a sneak peak at a slide that’s a little less boring:

(and for the record, I didn’t accidentally forget to cap the “L” in Los Angeles. The font designer decided it was cool for lower case Ls and upper case Ls to be identical.)

I HATE HATE HATE the idea of being on stage, but I’m doing it for two reasons:

  1. Comfort zones are for sissies. I didn’t move here from Los Angeles to recreate my LA life in Bend. I want to make new choices, risk a little, try doing things a little differently.
  2. Bend has been good to me. It might not be much, but this is my way of giving back a little something to Bend.

So, tomorrow night, I’ll share, live and in-person, a little more about my adventures in one of the most awesome towns in the country, all while trying NOT to have a public melt down. If I DO crash and burn, well, I’m determined to have fun anyway, so, assuming I don’t lose consciousness, it’s bound to be entertaining.

All the advance tickets are “sold out” (the tickets are free, but they go fast). If you don’t have tickets, come anyway, they should have a bunch at the door (I’m guessing around 100). Doors open at 6:30, so you might want to get there a little in advance to get in line…

Here’s the full speaker line-up:

Garrett Gladden — What is Ignite?
Robert Kieffer — The Surprisingly Fascinating [and Bloodthirsty!] History Of Copyright
PJ (Pam) Stevenson — Life, in a shoebox
Judy Shasek — Talk Story: Media, Youth and Fresh Perspective
Beth Patterson — Croned and Gathering No Moss
Kristin Luck — Keeping My Breasts By Nixing Brie & Burgers: A Reluctant Vegan’s Tips for Conversion
Pauly Anderson — A Story of Redemption, one Frog at a time.
Catrina Gregory — The Beginner’s Guide To Bend
Reese Mercer — Sharing The Fido Love…
Sean Anderson — When Pigs Fly
Eric Magidson — Your Life is a Business

I’ve never been to an Ignite Bend event, but I’ve heard they’re fun. I mean, if nothing else, you’ll learn about copyright law, aging, veganism, frogs, home exchanges, and dogs and stuff.

It’d be grand if my turbo talk about Bend is inspiring and entertaining for the audience, but honestly, I’d be pleased as punch for just “not humiliating.” Setting my standards high…

So, wish me luck. I just hope those frogs in Pauly’s talk aren’t in peril, or I might lose my sh*t.

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