TEDxBend Is Talking Shit About Us

TEDxBend Is Talking Shit About Us

No, really. This year’s TEDxBend speakers will be focusing on Us: Humans. That’s the theme.

Throughout the course of a day (May 13 to be exact), you’ll hear from 25 different humans about what makes us human. From investing in community to the power of the imagination to interracial team-building, and much more, this year’s TEDxBend talks are shaping up to be some of the best, most important ones to date.

TEDxBend, Putting The US In hUmanS

TEDxBend film script
Painting words about Us Humans on a wall. Redrum, REDRUM.

It’s probably uttered about TEDxBend every year: New, Improved, The Best Yet and Better Than Before! BUT, I think this year just might shine out in a different way, if not a better one. And this is coming from someone who is historically not a TEDx fan (I know I know, like the only person on earth who isn’t head over heels for TED Talks). Why might it shine? Well for one, we will be experiencing this event from beneath the dehumanizing shadow of our current POTUS. Right now, the political scene alone is more than enough to shift the energy and the direction of a thing, including this event. Let’s face it, tensions and emotions are high, and will be for the foreseeable future. This year’s TedxBend just might step up to the plate, really get at the center of our humanness, and surprise me. 

Obama, We Love You. Please Come Back.

Some poets I know, and some 200+ poets whom I don’t know but whose work I adore, recently collaborated on a poem. It’s called Renga For Obama and it’s currently online at the Harvard Review. Aside from being awesome, the poem’s process illustrates how, in light of our current POTUS, people yes are dividing, but people are also coming together. Yes, TED Talks are generally about bringing us all together in some way. But right now, perhaps more than in other years, it feels more germane, more urgent. Every era has its shit, and in our current poop of POTUS who-knows-what-ing, it feels worthwhile to come together as humans.   

Behind One Of The TEDxBend Curtains 

TEDxBend behind the scenes. Nope.
Ain’t no smoke and mirrors behind the TEDxBend scenes.

Some very talented folks here in Bend, Oregon worked together to create all the feels behind this year’s TEDxBend. Astir Agency comprises three of those talented folks. Though I’m not sure how, I was fortunate enough to get to collaborate with Astir on the “film” part. Astir built the ad spot beautifully and at some point in its nascency I wrote the script for it. A poem, as they liked to put it. Then I painted that poem in red paint across a white wall (see video below), while other humans put my words in their mouths and said them aloud. Altogether it was a neat experience, and you should watch the rad film Astir made from it. I heart them and the fine creative work they do. Hint: If you ever need design, branding, strategy, or the like, they’re your peeps. 

So, if you’re into humans and hearing a bunch of different views on what makes us human, get your TEDxBend tickets before they sell out. I can’t guarantee, but you probably won’t regret it.

4 thoughts on “TEDxBend Is Talking Shit About Us

  1. I support President Donald Trump, The President of the United States of America. I am personally so happy that Obama is gone, and that the Clintons are through. It is great to see that patriotic conservative American citizens are winning all over the country. Make America Great Again !

    1. Hey Mike,

      Thank you for your comment. I recently attended a town hall held by representative Greg Walden (R-OR). One of the things I liked most about the event was Mr. Walden’s commitment to letting one another speak and be heard, regardless of beliefs or political affiliation. This is SO important. And we need to do more of it: listen to and see one another as humans. So… even though your political views differ from ours here at (e)BGTB, I appreciate that both can be heard and listened to. Thanks again and ’til soon.


      The (e)BGTB Team

  2. Thank you,
    I appreciate you being kind and considerate. Just because we have divergent points of view, doesn’t mean that we have to be enemies and at each others throat.
    Kind regards, Michael Vannozzi

    1. Right back at you, Mike. We may be vocal in our posts, but we’re actually really into dialogue and hearing folks out. Especially when viewpoints are differing. We all need to be seen by one another, somehow, to be witnessed. Thanks again, and definitely enjoy your day!

      -The (e)BGTB Team

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