Cupping Dynamix Duo Offers Cupping Workshop in Bend, Oregon – Straight From the Heart

Cupping Dynamix Duo Offers Cupping Workshop in Bend, Oregon – Straight From the Heart

Thanks to Amber Clark and Kellie Chambers, two talented women who run a professional cupping workshop in Bend, Oregon, the power of cupping therapy is being brought to the people of the Pacific Northwest. In 2013, Kellie and Amber set out to create an engaging and informative gua sha and cupping workshop in Bend. Under the fitting business name of Cupping Dynamix, and with their more than 20 years of combined experience, that’s exactly what they did. Four years later, Clark and Chambers continue to push the local growth boundaries of gua sha and cupping therapy. In fact, this February 3rd and 4th will find them putting on yet another high-caliber cupping workshop in Bend. And the near future? Expansion into a handful of other U.S. cities.

*Note: want to know what the hell I’m talking about in the following blog post? Inform yourself on gua sha and Chinese cupping (cupping therapy, fire cupping, cupping treatment, etc.). Otherwise, suit yourself and carry on, young Padawan. 

Meet Amber & Kellie, The Combined Energetic Force Behind Cupping Therapy in Bend Oregon 

Over some warm brew at Crow’s Feet Commons, I recently sat down with the Cupping Dynamix duo. Even though I’ve known Amber for a minute (she’s the former owner of Action Dynamix Massage), and I now see Kellie for acupuncture, I wanted to experience their dynamic for myself. To see how they operate as a team and to get at the center of why. That is: why bring the benefits of gua sha and cupping therapy to the Pacific Northwest and beyond?

Cupping Dynamix Bend OR
Cupping Dynamix brings the power of healing to the people.  

Turns out that if you’re looking for a quality gua sha or cupping workshop in Bend, Cupping Dynamix is your main dame. Funky, joyous, and a little punk rock, Amber and Kellie braid their distinct personalities and experiences into all their gua sha and cupping therapy offerings. Without a doubt, these two extremely passionate humans from two very different backgrounds are essential to bringing healing power to the people. One exceptional Central Oregon cupping workshop at a time. 

Amber and Kelli
Kellie Chambers and Amber Clark are pumped for their upcoming cupping workshop in Bend, Oregon.

Kellie waxes poetic on Chinese Medicine. She speaks to its ancient history and its contemporary widespread use in China. To its efficacy in daily life. Her words exit her mouth with exuberance, then drift gently down and ground themselves through a faint Tennessean accent. Amber bubbles about her upstate New York roots. She brings her background in sports massage therapy to the cupping table, including knowledge of anatomical soft tissue and the musculoskeletal system. East and West in the flesh, Kellie and Amber embody the fluidity of Yin and Yang. They are complementary in a way that allows them to finish one another’s sentences, embracing their differences and individual strengths all the same.

Kind of Like When You’re in Love With Someone… “We Want the World to Know About Cupping Therapy”

Right now, Cupping Dynamix offers four separate and affordable cupping workshops in Bend, OR. With the goal of doubling the number of gua sha and cupping therapy workshops they put on annually, Amber and Kellie are hard at work. But what motivates Cupping Dynamix? What’s the overarching goal or trajectory? And, most importantly, why?

For Cupping Dynamix, the mission is more than meets the eye. Yes, Cupping Dynamix is a business. But its owners hold a deep-seated belief in the benefits of cupping therapy and gua sha. Over their years of training and practice and study, twenty years combined(!), Kellie and Amber have learned a thing or two. Mostly, how cupping treatment and gua sha are integral components of healing from the inside out. At the end of the day, Kellie and Amber wholly believe in the power of these modalities. And they want to spread the art of cupping and gua sha to as many practitioners as possible. First regionally, in the Pacific Northwest, then nationally.

gua sha workshop in Bend, OR
A student gets down with gua sha in Bend, OR.

In its most distilled form, the goal of Cupping Dynamix is to spread the ancient Chinese, yet contemporarily applicable modalities of gua sha and fire cupping as widely as possible. But just as in any truly effective social system, there needs to be a commitment to accessibility in order for that to happen. Regardless of socioeconomic status.

With the foundations of Cupping Dynamix rooted in accessibility through affordability, Kellie and Amber walk the walk. They put the power in the hands of the people. To which I say: halle-fucking-lujah.   

For All the Right Reasons: Cupping Dynamix Cupping Workshop in Bend, Oregon

In an era of trademark-obsessed businesses, where the “rights” to ancient practices and modalities are bought and then resold at a premium price (by way of coveted “certifications”), Cupping Dynamix is doing the exact opposite. Exclusive certifications in A, B, C, or D only mean more dollar bills in the pockets of those in possession of trademarked modalities. They also mean far less accessibility to the enriching benefits of these long-practiced therapies. In other words: elitism at its finest. With Cupping Dynamix, whether it’s a cupping workshop in Bend, OR or a gua sha workshop in some other U.S. city, everything is reasonably priced to make it as accessible as possible.

fire cupping
Fire cupping! Beavis and Butthead would love this shit.

When it comes down to it, Chinese medicine is at least 3,000 years old. It’s not new and improved, but rather proven. Beautifully, Amber and Kellie are not interested in trademarking something that’s been in practice for thousands of years. They believe in gua sha and cupping therapy, not in taking ownership over them. They believe in increased access, not increased prices and exclusivity. And they believe in acknowledging the ancestry of these ancient and powerful modes of therapy, not pretending as if they were the masters of cupping therapy themselves. At the end of the day, Cupping Dynamix is… more conduit, less monarch.

cupping workshop in Bend
In a nod to the past, Amber Clark demonstrates proper fire cupping technique.

What else can I say? Whether you’re a local massage therapist, acupuncturist, nurse practitioner, naturopath, or adjunct practitioner, the Cupping Dynamix cupping workshop in Bend is the perfect way to broaden your knowledge base and start incorporating other forms of care into your repertoire. 

What to Expect From the Cupping Dynamix Cupping Workshop in Bend, OR

Before we part ways and you go on to register for the Cupping Dynamix gua sha (winter of 2018 – TBA) or cupping workshop in Bend (Feb 3-4), here’s a little of what you can expect to gain from the awesomeness that is Cupping Dynamix.

  • An education on the history of these ancient practices, whether Chinese cupping or gua sha.
  • Enhanced skills in ancient techniques, all of which you can incorporate into your practice.
  • A more comprehensive understanding of cupping therapy and/or gua sha.
  • A level of competency in utilizing important tools of Chinese medicine.
  • The confidence to put these powerful modalities to good use.
  • A spiral-bound reference booklet created by Amber and Kelli, and an arsenal of quality cupping supplies.
Chinese cupping supplies
High-quality fire cupping supplies available through Cupping Dynamix.

Through their gua sha and cupping workshops in Bend, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond, Cupping Dynamix is bringing the tools and the power directly to the people. From there, it’s all about finding your own way through and spreading the cupping therapy love.

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