Eat Gold Snow. It’s Good For You… A Cheeky Women’s Snowboard Review Project Based in Bend, Oregon

Eat Gold Snow. It’s Good For You… A Cheeky Women’s Snowboard Review Project Based in Bend, Oregon

It’s been a minute. But we’re back with some neat news: Eat Gold Snow. Started by one of our co-conspirators here at the Beginner’s Guide, Eat Gold Snow (or, simply, Gold Snow) is an online space for women who snowboard (skiing’s cool, too). More specifically, it’s a a place where individuals who identify as women can find women’s snowboard reviews and gear guides… written by individuals who also identify as women. Period.

Eat Gold Snow is also full (well, they just started building this thing two months ago so… “going to be full” is more like it) of irreverent text, content, and art that intersects with the world of women’s snowboarding in unabashed, cheeky, subversive, and femme ways.

Gold Snow. Collage that shit.

What the Fuck is Eat Gold Snow & How Did This Badass Women’s Snowboard Gear Buying Guide Start?  

Before you head to their website to read all about Eat Gold Snow and the babes who help create their straight-shooting women’s snowboard gear reviews, here’s a quick rundown on what Eat Gold Snow is:

  • A women’s snowboard gear buying guide and snowboard gear review site that’s owned, operated, and run entirely by individuals who identify as women. And who, of course, ride.
  • All about Art First.
  • A platform, a conduit, a conversation… about art and women’s snowboarding and snowboarding culture and culture in general.
  • Genderfluid.
  • A peek beyond heteronormativity, exclusivity, and non/mis-representation in the snow sports industry.
  • The Hi/Lo. That is, a women’s snowboarding journal that combines highbrow aesthetics and couture with low-fi culture and snowboard grime to bring you contradictions and juxtapositions and tensions galore.
  • Fucking Brilliant (cue Beyoncé’s Flawless).

and is not:

  • Women’s snowboard gear reviews written by men. That makes no fucking sense. At all.
Collab Numero Uno with Katie Sox Photography. Parking Deck in Bend, Oregon.

Gold Snow started (ahem, 2.5 months ago… but whatever) in response to the abundance of women’s snowboard reviews and women’s snowboard gear guides you can find sprinkled throughout Internet Land. Why? Because… the majority of them are written by individuals who identify as men (record scratches, music stops).

Laura Winberry, one of the main forces behind Eat Gold Snow, had been researching for weeks (because she’s obsessive) about which new women’s snowboard boots to buy. She wanted to try a pair of snowboard boots that would be different from the ones she loved, bought almost every season, and had been riding for years. In her searches, Winberry found that 85-90% of the women’s snowboard boot reviews out there were either some form of bullshit that told her absolutely nothing, or written by men, or both. While she did come across some solid snowboard gear review sites, there was nothing rooted in the “by women, for women” model she very much sought. It was through this gaping hole that Eat Gold Snow hatched.

Small, mighty, and feminist as fuck, Eat Gold Snow is ambling along, making laterigrade movements over snow, and working its way towards becoming what it’s damn certain it wants to be: the quintessential resource for women’s snowboard reviews and women’s snowboarding culture.

Art First, Everything Else Second – Eat Gold Snow Collaborations With Katie Sox Photography

Laura Winberry of Gold Snow looking up at Katie Sox. And the bird about to shit on her. OK, not really. Just kidding.

Who shot the photos for the Gold Snow website (well, most of them anyhow)? Katie Sox. That’s fucking who. And, in case you haven’t noticed (or seen what she’s done for the Gold Snow site yet), her work speaks a different language. Beautifully and fluently, and with its own sense of self that’s different than everyone else’s sense of self. And that’s exactly what we love about it, and what Winberry loves about it, too.

Sox’s photographs lend themselves to a gritty yet refined concoction of Art First plus snowboarding grime plus the femme-centric foundations that are so integral and important to Gold Snow. We’re excited to get to witness the unfolding of current collaborations, as well as all those yet to come.


As always, thanks for reading this far. Seriously, with the way attention spans are these days, I’m surprised either of us made it to the end of this damn thing. To keep your attention span going, and learn more about Eat Gold Snow, check out their fabulous website at, or head to their Instagram and follow along for a healthy mix of profanity, pussy, and snowboarding.

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