How to Find the Best Physical Therapists in Bend, OR. Because Shit Happens.

How to Find the Best Physical Therapists in Bend, OR. Because Shit Happens.

Hey. It’s been a minute. But the reason I’m back with a brand new blog post is a damn good one. It’s a magical new PT joint in Bend, Oregon called Mandon Welch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. Yes, there is a multitude of competent, skilled, and experienced physical therapists in Bend, OR. But within this plethora there exists a vast range of styles, techniques, modalities, and ways of approaching the human body. None of them, arguably, better than the other. Just different.

Bend, Oregon Physical Therapists Or Postmodern Badasses?

This cadre of physical therapists in Bend, OR, it’s kind of like a band of artists from the 1950’s. There are some realists, some modernists, and a few emerging post-modernists, with a sprinkling of intersectionality throughout. While certain aesthetics and beliefs connect them all in one way or another, what each individual artist (read: PT) brings to the table is uniquely his or her own. Knowing these things, you might guess it a good idea to sift through the myriad physical therapists in Bend until discovering the one whose style, methodology, and approach work for you.

Sounds exhausting and expensive, no? You’re right. Fortunately, I’m a gal who gets out and plays (hard) in the great outdoors, and so I’ve done my fair share of searching for good physical therapists in Bend, OR. In other words: I can confidently recommend who you should go to and why.

strength training in Bend, OR
This guy.

There are some professionals who just crush physical therapy in Bend. I’m talking approachable and kind physical therapists who care deeply about what they do. Similar to the postmodernists, who treated art as a type of critical investigation, these PTs work in inquisitive and expansive ways. They ask questions and reach beyond what is given to them. And, generally speaking, they tend to work well for a wide variety of people, injuries, and needs.

As mentioned earlier, today’s “ultimate beautiful smart sweet funny favorite physical therapist in Bend Oregon” is… Mandon Welch of Mandon Welch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance.

Mandon Welch Bend, OR physical therapist
Whoa whoa whoa. Ladies, gents… he’s taken.

The Best Physical Therapists in Bend, Oregon Specialize In Being Awesome

Whether you’re 72 and just had hip surgery, a teenager with aspirations of becoming the next Victoria Jealouse, or a frequent golfer at River’s Edge in need of some rotator cuff love, Mandon Welch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance is your new best friend. Mr. Welch specializes in everything from post-op rehabilitation and knee injuries, to hip injuries and spinal care. He also specializes in being awesome, and awesome at:

  • Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Pathology
  • Running and Gait assessment
  • Golf Biomechanics and Longevity
  • Foot and Ankle Injuries
  • Manual Physical Therapy
  • Ski and Snowboard Specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Road, Mountain Biking and Cyclocross Strength Training
  • Sport Specific Injury Prevention
  • Plyometric and Explosiveness Sport Training
  • A Lot of Other Neat PT Shit

Bend Oregon strength trainingPersonalized strength training in Bend, OR. Work it.

While Mandon doesn’t claim to be a one-man-wonder PT who specializes in everything under the sun, his areas of expertise are many. To discuss your specific physical therapy or sports performance needs, don’t look to me… send Mandon a note. He’ll get back to you. Promise.

Mandon Welch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, Not Your Average Bear

Like I said, out of all the highly qualified sports trainers and physical therapists in Bend, OR,  Mandon Welch is one of my favorites. I have respect for the man. With over a decade of experience as an orthopedic physical therapist, plus 8 years of practicing physical therapy in Bend, Mandon knows his shit. The fact that he now runs a thriving business only makes me smile. Partly because I love seeing individuals sever from the norm and forge their own way forward. But also because I know Mandon will continue to excel. He’s smart and he’s dialed. He’s an athlete himself and he’s driven. AND, having worked one-on-one with Mandon, for sports injuries and for sports performance training, I know very well that his PT sessions are the furthest thing possible from a shitty experience. 

Bend, OR physical therapy
Never misses a beat.

How many times have you gone to a PT and felt like the repetitive glute-firing stretchy band exercises were just part of a cookie-cutter protocol? Never? Well, at Mandon Welch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance you can hold on to that never. With Mr. Welch, physical therapy treatment and sports performance training are FULLY TAILORED experiences. You schedule an appointment with Mandon and, voila, you work with one person and one person only, and his name is Mandon. For your session, he’s right there with you, tending to the important work on the road to recovery, increased strength, better sports performance, or all of the above.

He won’t hold your hand, unless that’s what you physically need. But he will show you what’s going on with your body and why, and then use his depth of PT knowledge to help move you in the best possible direction. Incrementally, with great attention to detail, and not without a dreamy Southern drawl.  

Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip PT Sessions in Bend, Oregon

I know it’s not something the majority of us like to keep at the forefront of our minds, but the fact remains, we are not invincible. While this isn’t a revelation, it is something worth remembering from time to time. Whether we do or don’t remember our humanness, more often than not we are reminded of it. Usually in sharp, jarring, very real ways. Which is to say, from the mega-athlete to the calisthenics enthusiast to the trained Yogi, at some point or another we all hit the ground. Literally and figuratively; briefly or intermittently or for extended periods of time. It’s in these grounding moments, when our minds and our hearts and our bodies are vulnerable and need tending to, that we usually remember how much we need others to help with that tending. 

best physical therapists in Bend, OR
Tippy bird action with one of the best physical therapists in Bend, OR.

On a number of occasions, most recently after a fractured shoulder, I’ve asked Mandon for help with that tending. With each PT session, I am reminded of some pretty important things. 1. It’s ok, even imperative, to ask for help when we need it. 2. It’s incredible that we have people in this world with the knowledge and the expertise to help put our bodies back together. And to hold us accountable while doing so. 3. Good humans do exist.

Bend Oregon PT
Mandon makes you stronger, faster, better. Like Kanye.

To learn more about Mandon Welch Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, check out the website or see what other people have to say about working with one of the best physical therapists in Bend, OR.


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