Scoutpost Is The Best Food Cart In Bend Oregon. Hands Down.

Scoutpost Is The Best Food Cart In Bend Oregon. Hands Down.

Consider this post the first of several about food carts in Bend Oregon. Why? Because there are a number of food carts in Bend that are slaying it right now. Scoutpost just happens to be slaying it the hardest.

Like, this food cart next to Spoken Moto throws backside rodeos over the Bend food cart scene. (No offense other Bend food carts, I know you’re hustling and make good shit; I just gotta call it like I experience it.). Only instead of a snowboard, Scoutpost hucks locally-sourced pork shoulder, scratch-made flat bread, handmade donuts, and the freshest greens + vegetables in Central Oregon.   

Scoutpost patio
Scoutpost food cart in Bend, Oregon. And two of my favorite people.

Scoutpost Food Cart In Bend, Oregon.

The Lot, a huddle of food carts in Bend that embraces flowing adult beverages, Wednesday night open mics, and a heated seating area at its epicenter, is absolutely a great spot. But I’m talking about Scoutpost here, the best food cart in Bend. And it’s not parked at The Lot on Columbia. Instead, if you start at the lot and take a sub-7-minute bike ride 1.5 miles to the southeast, you’ll end up at Scoutpost, where you’ll find some of the best damn food this town has to offer. Fresh, local, made from scratch, and not pretentious about any of these things, this rad food cart in Bend is where it’s at. And because the ingredients are so fresh/local, the dishes are an array rich hues, textures, and tastes, all beautifully prepared and served up by a sweetheart named Will.

scoutpost food cart bend oregon
Griddled chickpea, cauliflower, pork shoulder, and pickled onions over the best local greens you’ll ever consume. Crispy roast pork shoulder flatbread sandwich in the background.

Scouting Out Scoutpost

Scoutpost shares patio and fire pit space with Spoken Moto (they serve good coffee and adult liquids) and two other sweet Bend food carts, Himalayan Bites and Jacked Up Waffles. That means going to Scoutpost during any hour they’re open (which is not Wednesdays) is probably a good idea. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can pair an Americano with their fresh, handmade donuts. Or you can sip on some suds while dipping their clay oven flatbread into various sauces. Or you can do whatever the fuck you want, so long as you get into their crispy roast pork shoulder, griddled chickpea and cauliflower, and… well shit, everything on their succinct and really satisfying menu. Whatever you order, I guarantee it’s going to be good. Scout’s honor. I mean, what other food truck in Bend has a clay oven that they use to bake flatbread on the spot?  

best food cart in Bend Scoutpost
Talking story. Eating food.
Spoken Moto coffee and Scoutpost flatbread
Spoken Moto coffee and kombucha. Scoutpost eats.

In a rush? Yeah, so is everyone else. But for real, if your time is more important than everyone else’s, or you want to order food to-go, Scoutpoust lets you to order and pay online ahead of time, and then pick up or eat in shortly thereafter. And because it is the digital age of social media, follow Scoutpost on Instagram and stay in the know about what they’ve got going in the clay oven at all times.

While you’re busy going down the Instagram wormhole, take a second to follow the folks who told you about Scoutpost: @beginnersbend. Or sign up to get infrequent and far from annoying emails from the Eternal Beginner’s Guide to Bend, like now. 

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