Badass Places To Stay In Bend Oregon

Badass Places To Stay In Bend Oregon

If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your Bend Oregon summer vacation, we’re here to help. Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll post mostly pertinent information about visiting Bend. From things to do, including local adventures, to the best places to stay in Bend, we’re here for you. Don’t hold us to it, but we plan on bringing you the best of Bend in our own weird way. So cheers to that.

Today’s focus is on one of our favorite places to stay in Bend: Enchanted Dwellings. At some point, we’ll offer a more definitive roundup up of Bend vacation rentals. For now, though, here are some words about our favorite place to bed down in Bend Oregon. ‘Cause it’s is all about us, right? Right.

Where To Stay In Bend: Enchanted Dwellings, Duh

Enchanted Dwellings. If you haven’t yet heard of this cluster of Bend vacation rentals perched on a quiet western hillside, now you have. The owner of this magical enclave, Alex, and his business partner Steve, are not only superb hosts but also generally nice people. When my mom was recovering from her second wrestling match with breast cancer, and when my husband and I were about to get hitched, we flew my mom out and put her up in one of these truly enchanted Bend vacation rentals.

favorite places to stay in bend
Color, comfort, and natural light. Enchanted Dwellings has all three.

Like long lost family, Steve, Alex, and my mom connected almost immediately (My mom IS the sweetest woman alive.). In their beautiful space, my mom was able to feel the comfort, relaxation, and quiet she very much needed and deserved. So… Thanks, you two, for building a sweet place in Bend where a woman recovering from cancer and watching her daughter get married could feel taken care of and embraced. Thank you.

Get To It, Book One Of The Most Badass Places To Stay In Bend Oregon

Kind, generous, and straightforward, Steve and Alex are also quite gifted. Here are a few of many reasons why:

  • They have taken a house and shaped it into a home in the most holistic and thoughtful of ways.
  • Their garden is a peaceful, flourishing dream space.
  • The overall experience they have created at Enchanted Dwellings is one of healing, grounding, and comfort.
inclusive places to stay in Bend
Inclusivity is important to Alex and Steve. This little announcement is included in all of their listings. So… come one, come all to one of the most welcoming places to stay in Bend, Oregon!

If you live in Bend, at some point you’ll probably see Steve and Alex out XC skiing in sideways snow or exploring roads by bicycle. Aside from keeping one of the loveliest places in Bend, they do a lot together. I suppose that happens when you’ve had the same best friend for more than 20 years (!). And thanks to their kindred spirits, honest sparkle-eyes, and genuine interest in who you are, running into them is always a real and welcomed experience.   

places to stay in bend
The garden of YES at Enchanted Dwellings, Bend Oregon.

Thinking about moving to Bend and need a place to stay while you explore the area? Planning a Bend Oregon summer vacation? Treat yourself, your family, or a group of close friends to one of the best places to stay in Bend Oregon, Enchanted Dwellings. Don’t trust us yet? Check out the Yelp reviews and Airbnb reviews to see more photos and hear what others have to say about Steve and Alex. Then book well enough in advance, because this Bend vacation rental is the best kept secret that everyone knows about.


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