I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning in a cold sweat, with one question racing through my mind:

Is there a Trader Joe’s in Bend????

Which, of course, led me to think about other things that I don’t know about Bend.

So, I grabbed my laptop and did some research. Here is my conspicuous consumption list and the results, per Google.

Does Bend have….

Trader Joe’s? YES! Phew.

Whole Foods? YES. I know… But it’s a necessary evil, I’m addicted to the gorgonzola dip.

Apple Store? NO. The nearest store is 3 hours away in Tigard, OR.  (June 2015 update: We still don’t have an Apple Store. We have an off-brand store that specializes in Apple products in the Old Mill, but it’s not the real deal.)

Tequila bar? YES. El Jimador. (4/6/13 update: CLOSED, but Hola has a decent tequila selection.)

Yummy Mexican food? TBD, but there are lots of options.

Casual farm-to-table restos? YES. I found one: CHOW and I can’t wait to try it. Fancy options: Elevation Restaurant, Brasada Ranch, and Jen’s Garden (in Sisters).

Satisfied that Bend would not deprive me of TJ’s lime and chile cashews or other “essentials,” I went back to bed.

And besides, I’ve got bigger fish to fry than worrying about what happens when my MacBook Pro hard drive commits suicide next time.

like finding a house to rent near my brother on the west side. Ooof.

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